Marker Track's background color

Hi. I have attached a photo, easier to explain. Basically Id like to know how to get this:
the shaded area across the project from the markers track, signature track and tempo track. How do u get that?

User Interface>Custom Colors>Ruler Background

No. This is wrong.

I’m sorry you’re right… That’s for the top ruler.
I use the color menu on the top to select the marker and change the color.

But you said the shaded area across… can you put an arrow

If I understand your query correctly, the shaded area is shaded because it’s the area between the left and right locators…there are settings for how this appears within the Preferences.

No, not correct)) I highlighted the area in the screenshot…

In this video you can see that the empty marker track is highlighted. Is this possible in Cubase 9.5?

Sorry, no idea what you’re talking about then. That area is the colours you’ve chosen, i see no shaded area. The area you’ve highlighted is lighter.

I think he is talking about lighter colored area before left locator and after right locator.
Cubase 9.5 not have that lighter colored area of marker/sign/tempo tracks, even if you choose your own color of track

Mine does. It depends how you have your colours set-up. See attached…


Try to paint marker track itself, not just markers please. And let us know, the lighter area before left locator became colored like marker track or not.

I thought this was about a lighter colour on the area outside of the locators? And that’s what you said…and in my screenshot it’s a lighter colour.

That is what we like :mrgreen:

Thats what we have :frowning:

Well I don’t have either of those I’m glad to say but at least I know what YOU want now…no idea if the it’s the same for the OP as yet.
It certainly wasn’t like that in the YouTube video he linked to.

And in Cubase 9.5 (see the screen) =((

You can make it a light as you want but no, I don’t think you can paint the Marker tracks background colour.

How to do it?))) (see screenshot)

It’s the cycle region. You choose what color it is within the cycle region…I’ve never had my colors go all the way across like that but you get to choose what happens within the cycle region. Never tried to change the outside like that…

Cant do it