Marker Tracks: Best track type for Cues?

In the past (3 years ago) at around version 6.5 I think I used marker tracks as a visual cue to performers to show them the location of their part. I tried this on the latest version of Cubase and it now appears different to me. I liked to insert cycle markers and then color each one differently for each part. Problem - I think in prior versions you could make the marker track taller. I see no way to increase the vertical size now. Is there a way I am missing?

Another question I have, is the Marker track the best way to do this? Or is there another track type that would lend itself better to making visual cues for performers?


I have been looking at this issue and find the Arranger Track allows you to color the whole Track “height”. This is good. What is not good is I see no way to embed text into the arranger track section. I do see where you can the see section name in the inspector and track info areas, but none in the track itself… I guess by using both the marker track for text and color and then an arranger track for full height color I can basically do what I want.

Any better ways to go about this?


I’ve always just created an empty midi track, created empty Parts for markers, color them, added text and expand for visual.
I’ve also used the score editor with a midi mock up for players who can read.

I haven’t upgraded to 8 yet so I don’t know if this is still the best way to do this. I’ve read about some users using chord tracks for visual ID.

Bummer that you can no longer manually size the markers. I use that function too.
I hope you can at least shrink them.

Hum, a MIDI track. Had not thought of that one. I will check it out and I thank your for the post and ideas! Maybe Cubase should get a clue and add a cue track? :smiley:


Is this what you’re talking about or am I missing the point? I can change vertical size of the marker track just as before.

Yes and no. Yes it is the marker track. Yes you can change track height… width or whatever. BUT, the colored strip remains the same size no matter what from what I have found. I think on prior versions of Cubase the color would fill in the entire track, but that is from memory and it could be wrong.

Hope that clears if up and thanks for posting!

You can edit the Arranger parts’ names in the info line.

I think you got here exactly what I was looking for!
Question - Try as I may I can not figure out how to enter text into one of the chain sections within the track? Can you give me a tip on this?


The title text of the arranger part (the object you refer to as a chain section) can only be edited from the info line. Weird to get ones head around at first, but once I got used to it I found it natural. Note also that you can hit the tab key to tab through the fields on the info line when it is showing.

Steve I got it by reading of all things the manual! I read it the other day I thought, but missed this function. On a PC you click the name of the chain in the inspector while holding the ALT key. Cool!

Thanks so much for your help!


You beat me to the post and see my prior message.
Gosh this arranger track is better than markers for working on songs and sections of recordings. Very slick! This is a handy tool!

thanks again,


I have to disagree. I don’t understand why you think using the info bar is natural.

I know this is not a feature request thread but I can’t help but to point out that being able to type directly into the field of any particular item whether it be a Part a Region, an Audio file, a Marker…. whatever - THAT would be intuitive. Not searching out an info bar that might not even be visible to a novice user.

When we went from VST to SX we lost the ability to type directly onto an item to name it. I’ve always been quietly surprised with each consecutive update when this functionality wasn’t brought back. Mainly because it’s something as simple as this that would improve the first impression for new users.

It IS weird to get ones head around at first and for me it still is almost a decade after the functionality was sent to the cornfield ( Hi Weasel ! )

With all the complaints I read around hear a bout workflow efficiency I’m always confused as to why this journey to the info line is not discussed more.

The info line is great, but if I had to go up there to slip an event one way or the other by typing in what I want I’d slit my wrists. But gladly, I can just grab an event and move it with my mouse. The info is REFLECTED in the info line. That’s how it should be for naming things too.
Just sayin.