Markers above tracks?

I’m wondering how you get those markers above your tracks. It almost looks like a colored square almost and says “chorus,intro,etc” for all the sections. I saw it in someone’s video somewhere. I usally color my sections one color and name the audio tracks but markers would be much better. I vaguely remember someone saying this was a Pro/Artist feature but not sure. Thank you.

You add a marker track first. Then you grab the pencil tool and draw a marker. Or you could place the project cursor where you want and press the Insert key, it’s the same thing. Finally, you select the marker event, and go over to the info-line field “Description” and give it a name. “Intro”, “this needs editing”, “Chorus”, “Woohoo!”. You can even give a color to each marker.

Or maybe it’s the Arranger Track?

Thank you, I see markers now, I had to make a marker track. But they are just little tilted diamonds not enough room for a name. How can I stretch them longer and color them?

Use Cycle Markers. Also if you have Nuendo 12 you can use the “create markers from events” feature.

Size of the marker changes depending on name length. (If you mean the width, unfortunately it stays the same regardless of track width. You could use Arranger track events in that case. A good idea from @steve )

To color the markers, see the gif:


Right click the gif and open in a new tab to see the gif better.

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It’s also a good idea to split the project window horizontally and put the marker track above the split point. That way it stays put and you can always keep an eye on the structure of your project, even as you scroll up and down if you have more tracks than the screen can hold. It’s invaluable to me, and part of my standard recording template.

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Perfect thank you, all these were helpful and I got the problem solved. Thanks very much.

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Hi, may I ask how to make the split point you mentioned?

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