Markers behaviour [solved]

Hi everyone! I have been a happy owner of Dorico ( for a year or so. I use it mainly for composing and aurally transcribing film scores for my own personal enjoynment. I haven’t even really begun with Engraving mode yet. Mostly galley work so far.

Today I was revisiting my old transcription and wanted to attach a video (well, a black screen with audio) to it for comparison. In the clip there was a short pause before the audio starts so I set “Video Start Offset” to 00:00:00:08 and the framerate to match with the video file.

I added some markers and noticed that when moving one of them with Alt + arrows the timecode changes (as well as the position in relation to music which is the expected behaviour if I understood correctly). When changing the offset back to 00:00:00:00 the selected marker box moves without any effect in its timecode. I have understood that marker timecode should always be fixed in relation to the video.

I recreated this by opening two identical empty projects (4/4, some empty bars, tempo marking) with one having Video Star Offset as 00:00:00:08 and the other one with default 00:00:00:00. Again, moving any markers in the former project results in timecode changes (in steps of :08 in this case) but with the latter project the timecodes stay the same.

Am I missing something fundamental here and perhaps prepared the video attachment incorrectly?

This is a bug in the current version, I’m sorry to say. It will be fixed in the forthcoming major new version when it arrives. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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Thank you for replying! Looking forward to it. Until then the only inconvenience is to cut that extra silence from the video file which is quick and easy to do.