Markers from audio files -> existing montage

Hello List

What’s the easiest way to get the marker information from a .mrk file into an existing montage? (associated source audio file is aiff).

In fact, even when importing a wav file with marker information into an existing montage, the markers are not imported into an existing montage. Is this expected? Export: Create audio montage from active file, works fine, but I want to use an existing montage.

(Mac OS 10.7, WL 8.02)


See this:
and this:

Thanks PG, I’d missed that, had been searching the manual for “import” rather than “transcribe” markers. TH

Interesting. I think I should change the wording in the future.

PG, why did you remove the ‘Create Audio Montage from Wave’ item from the Edit menu?

It is now located in the file / export menu.

Ah, thanks. I guess I should have poked around some more.