Markers Imported from Logic Pro MID not Syncing


I’m having an issue with markers that I am importing to Dorico from Logic.

Before I set the ‘video start offset’, my markers are all there and labeled with the correct timecode.

After I put in the offset, some markers disappear and the remains ones have the incorrect timecode.

Any ideas?


John Frizzell

Marker stick with the time, not the notes. Once one changes the offset, one changes the relative position of the timecode attachment to the music.

Thanks! It would be nice to have a feature update so imported markers could maintain their position with an offset.

One could try text boxes that would stay with the measures, but they are not imported. Once could enter the text on top of the markers before setting the offset.

When you import a tempo track, you can choose whether markers should be imported as actual markers or as system-attached text, which might fit your present workflow better.

Ah! I did not know that. I will experiment with this… Thanks for the tip!