Markers In CD Windows in Montage, Mac OSX10.9

If I create CD markers using a mouse and clicking on the markers I want inserted, all of the created markers appear in the CD window.

If I create Begin Track marker with keyboard, the marker appears on the montage, also in the marker window but not in the CD window. The same happens with an end track window.

If I use the keyboard shortcut C to create a bounded track, markers appear in all the correct places.

Creating any subsequent markers does not make the missing markers appear in the CD window. Moving away from the CD window then coming back to it does not make the missing markers appear in the CD window.


I can’t reproduce a problem. Note that the CD window represents CD Tracks, ie. regions, and if you create a single CD track end marker, this is not enough to show a “CD track”. The CD window display is only valid when CD track start/end/splice markers match. If you have such a case and the CD window is not correct, then this is a bug. But I can’t reproduce it here.

Hi PG,

It’s only when I use keyboard shortcuts and it’s for track start and track end only. Splice and “C” work fine.

So, if I create a start marker and then an end marker using keyboard shortcuts, no track appears in the CD window at all, ever although the markers show in the marker window.

Doing the same thing with the marker bar creates an entry in the CD window when I insert a start marker (with track-end showing as * until you insert the track end marker - which then completes the details in the CD window.

Is there anything I can send you that will assist in resolving if it’s a bug or not?

Would be a bug… except that I can’t reproduce the problem here, with WaveLab 8.0.3.
Maybe a small video could help.

Herewith. I was sure I had posted this before.