Markers ... Markers ... Markers

Marker copy … Why not a behavior like when copying text or files (in Windows). E.g. select or deselect the desired markers with Ctrl+click in the marker window or select only markers with certain names (or parts thereof) and / or types in a menu, right-click and a function menu appears with Copy absolute or “relative, starting with the first at 0” … go to the other file … paste …

I assume the “copy markers in selected range” refers to the wave file, not the marker window, which is what I would kindly suggest. But maybe I missed something or am I mistaken.

Recently I also had a strange bug-like behavior when transferring markers and moving their position in the new file. Everything was fine in the marker window. The marker positions in the wave file were also changed. However, when the play button was pressed in the marker window, the old incorrect positions were used. After saving and reopening, this was fixed as far as I remember. (WaveLab Pro 11.2)

Yes. All the markers included in the selected time range.

What do you mean with “were used”?

“were used” … I mean … The playback (in the markers window) started on the old positions, where no markers where visible anymore. I think also “Split Audio” used the old positions. It may happen if there is a marker in the “copy to destination file”. I could not recreate it in a hurry.

Maybe this will provide more clarity… If you click where the mouse pointer is, the playback starts before the actual marker position. This may have happened by copying markers that were then moved. Somehow WaveLab remembers the wrong position here.

There was also a CD marker that I wanted to set. Maybe it’s not enough audio for a CD marker… WaveLab says nothing and the window and application closes. After rebooting, I have to use a different type of marker for this small area to avoid crashing Windows 11 PRO.

And… loop markers apparently no longer work… Only an entire track is looped. Can this be? Or is there something new I have to consider?

There is also a strange behaviour with the Graphics card. When WaveLab has focus, I hear coil whine, which suggests that the graphics card is being used in a strange (game-like, crypto-mining??) way. What could be the cause and how do I prevent it? The computing power of the graphics card is actually not really used or is it now?

WaveLab does not address the graphics card directly. WaveLab does not use the GPU at all.