markers move in montage when moving audio region

So as the heading says, when in montage view, I try to move my audio region(s) and the markers displace or rather no longer stick to the edges of the montage audio region, requiring me to go back through dragging them to their rightful place. Am I doing something wrong? I wanted to add a clip to the beginning of an 8 track CD, but when I do that, the markers stay in the same place as the audio moves. This makes moving audio in the montage a pain. I imagine I am doing something wrong. Thanks in advance!

The markers have to be bound to the clips in order to move with the clips. Normally they’re bound if the markers are made with the CD Wizard, so I’m not sure why yours are not bound. You can see if they’re bound by going to the Markers window and looking at the “clip reference”. You can change whether they’re bound from the Markers function menu.

This is from the Help file:
Binding Markers to Clips in the Audio Montage
In the Audio Montage workspace, you can bind markers to clips. By doing this, the marker remains in the same position relative to the clip start/end, even if the clip is moved in the audio montage or resized.
You can find the options regarding clips and markers in the Functions menu of the Markers window, and when right-clicking a marker.
When a marker is bound to a clip element, its name is preceded by a blue character.

Thanks so much! I sort of came to that conclusion yesterday.