Markers to new project

Hello all,

I got (let’s say) 20 tracks from a client (a band). In those tracks are in total 10 songs behind eachother (5 songs, twice live recorded). I made a marker track to identify each and every seperate song/take. I also created a tempo track (it was recorded on click, but they are medleys so the tempo changes within each song).

I made a mix for the whole session and the client is satisfied, however, I’d like to create different projects for each actual song. Which (again) I have perfectly well identified using a marker track.

Is it possible, somehow, to create 10 different projects, based on the existing project, including all plugins, group tracks, FX tracks and stereo out plugins? And then make a final mix of each and every separate song (which should be in their own Cubase project).

I could of course use automation, but that doesn’t seem like the right way to go here.

Anybody got any tips? Thanks!


If the Markers would by Cycle Markers, you could Batch Export based on the Cycle Markers.

I’d use File>Backup Project to create 10 new Projects that are copies your existing Project. Each of these should be in its own unique Folder and named after one of the songs. Then Open each of these new Projects and delete everything that isn’t needed for that specific song.