Markers when changing time signature?

Does anyone know anything about this…??? If I set a bunch of markers at specific measures (say measure 4, 6, and 10), then I change the time signature (say from 4/4 to 6/8), all the markers move to new locations. If I switch the timebase of the marker track to the illuminated music note (can’t remember if it’s musical or linear), the markers stay at their original locations if I change tempo, but not if I change time signature. I need to be able to change time signature but still keep my marker locations at their original positions. (like keeping the markers at bars 4,6 and 10 even after changing the time signature to 6/8). I’m using version 6.0.5.

(The illuminated music note means “Musical Timebase”)…
Cubase always counts its MIDI position in beats, rather than in bars (whether it be for the Markers, or for actual Parts on MIDI tracks).
Think about it for a sec :wink:… Imagine you had recorded a song in 4/4, starting at bar #1, and with the refrain starting at the beginning of bar #33 (and you put a Marker there).
Now, change the time signature to 3/4. What would you expect to happen to what you hear of the music you have recorded? The correct answer is “nothing at all” :slight_smile: (the only difference would be how Cubase’s metronome played against it). The refrain would still follow on directly from the verse before it, but, because you changed the time signature to 3/4, that would now be at beat #2 of bar #43, and that is also where you’d want the Marker to be, yes? :wink:

As regards your specific case, of changing from 4/4 to 6/8 (or wouldn’t it rather be 2/4 to 6/8, or 4/4 to 12/8), whereas, I agree, it would be great if Cubase were smart enough to recognize that as a compound signature, and change the count base from quarter note to dotted quarter note, it unfortunately continues to count in regular quarter-note beats, which will make the bar count different (although the actual music remains unchanged :wink: ).

What I’m referring to is…I’d like to leave a marker at measure 8 regardless of whether the measures that come
before it are in 3/4, 2/4, 6/8, etc…and regardless of when I decide to change the time signature. I work a lot in midi so
I’d like to be able to start a song in 4/4, decide that my first section is going to be 8 bars long, set a marker at measure
number 8, then be able to change my mind and change the time signature to 6/8 but keep my marker where I put
it at measure 8. Does that make sense??

On the timeline there is a tool for inserting and removing sections so that relationship before and after remains constant. As Vic has said, MIDI is always in relation to beats.

So what I’m describing can’t be done??

If you use the timeline tool it should

I’m confused…how would that work? What should I do?

Not at computer, bit on the time Sig track there is an insert tool. Play with it

This is just one example of several ways to edit from the sig track. Notice the start is all 4/4 and there is a midi clip lined up in each bar. I put two beats in each clip just to show what happens with the MIDI data itself in this particular set of choices.

By reinterpreting the first verse as 3/4, Part 1 marker, which used to be two bars, is still two bars even though I’ve changed the sig of a measure within the part marker. Cycle markers 3, 4 and 5 are still on their beat. EDIT: and meant to say that the Part 2 Marker has stayed on Measure 4.

But, notice the MIDI content of Keys Verse 1 is still at its original location relative to 4/4. You need to play with all the combinations of the insert/reinterpret etc… but, you CAN change sigs and keep all following data in context of their prior position.

Thanks JM! That was helpful and I appreciate you taking the time.