Markers - workflow can be improved

Little things irritate…

e.g. let me know when I can double-click on a marker to edit its name/description… Or, that it would at least open the marker track window, where you could alter/rename etc… How obvious is it, that that is what should happen…?!

Ok, so I can hit a shortcut key - to open a window, to click in the ‘Description’ field, to type a name, to click ‘Ok’ to close, to get back to work…

And that Marker Track Inspector panel at left - also unfriendly; no scrolling across (to Description) in that window… only good for quick navigation…

Ho hum

PS:- multiple Marker Tracks = good.!

+1 for double clicking to change the name & multiple marker tracks.

Also, don’t forget to fix the weird way applying color to the maker works.

Regards :sunglasses: