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I’m new to Cubase 10.5 Pro and wanted to ask what’s the best method of creating markers within a project? For verse, chorus etc?

I’m reading the manual on the Arranger Track and the Markers section but it’s not making sense yet.


Markers are basically like bookmarks along the timeline. You can put one anywhere that seems useful to you. While putting them at the start of verses, chorus, solos, and other musical points is likely the most common, it is really open ended. Put a Marker anywhere you want to be able to quickly move the cursor to. For example maybe you want a Marker a bar or two before a chorus so you can easily start playback from there so you can hear the lead in and then the verse.

The Arranger Track is a different beast that lets you loop around on various song elements. Generally it is used to quickly mock up different arrangement possibilities (e.g. verse, chorus, verse, chorus, chorus; OR verse, chorus, verse, verse, chorus; etc.) which you can then flatten which will copy and move those various elements onto one linear timeline.

If you are just getting your head around Markers, I’d recommend ignoring the Arranger Track for awhile until your are accustomed to the more basic capabilities.

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Thanks for your help and apologies for the delay replying.