MARKETING suggestion - Show Us Your Cubase

Show Us Your Cubase

A marketing campaign in which content creators and Cubase users from amateur to professional can submit links to their cubase videos with a chance to win a weekly showcase on Steinberg’s online properties.

A couple of great current examples that I found could be Doctor Mix’s recent review of Cubase 9.5 ( and Green Music Productions review of Cubase 9.5 (
Beyond that, any producer using cubase in the studio, or any band using cubase at home. If they get into and narrate their use of the cubase product they get the chance to win the additional views!

Cubase users and content creators can create videos of their songs or songs they’re working on for clients, from recording, to mixing, to tips and tricks all in real-world usage scenarios and then submit the links to that video to Steinberg social marketing team for a chance to win a weekly showcase In Steinberg’s “Show Us Your Cubase”.
Steinberg then displays the chosen video on their website, youtube channel and other related social media properties.

It’s a win-win for Steinberg, who then gets free marketing videos (content) to add to its online presence that shows many different users using the product in real-world scenarios both in studios, on stage and at home,
and the weekly winning Cubase related video gets the additional traffic and exposure for their channel and/or band or free promo for their new release song, or their studio, or mixing and mastering services, etc.

New users and potential users also get the biggest benefit by seeing up to 52 (or more!) new videos of Cubase being used in real-world action each year and benefiting from the tips, tricks and education through observation that comes through in the selectively chosen videos!

All of which very inexpensively contribute to even MORE music being produced with this amazing tool that is Cubase 9.5 !


Great idea! +1

Creative professionals “is too common to be a target market and will not help you identify the needs of your audience. You need gender(s), race, age, level of income, marital status, psychographic profile, lifestyle, etc. So you can instead put” young men and women between the ages of 25-35; higher levels of income; self-employed; in artistically creative fields, for example,

In my view, humour is not a great strategy for this product. Humour will not attract consumers to purchase, given your target market (as I described it at least) and considering that this is a “luxury” product. You’re going to want to concentrate on dominance, social status, the definition of class. The ease of use, high quality screen, speakers, touch screen and special stylus that only this laptop has would be of interest to your target market.