Marking an Auditioned Sample for Later?

When I browse through all the media samples in cubebase 10.5 pro I often find a sample that is very good and make me go “wow”.

Is there a way I can mark or save a reference to the sample(s) that interest me for future reference?

Other than writing down the name of the sample and which sample pack it was found in - I thought there should be an easier way…

I have attached an image to show where and what I mean. - The red arrow points to the sample I like.
How can I save a reference to it so that I can come back at a later date to find it?



As you can see, the 2nd column in the MediaBay Rack is Raiting. You can set your “stars” to any samples. And then you sort it by this parameter.

Or you could drag them into an empty project and name it “Wow”. Then it will appear under recent projects, to remind you to compose something with it. Just thinking outside the box…