Marking and measurement synchronization Cubase 9.5

Hello guys hello Steinberg!

I am a new user of cubase 9 and before I was on Studio One.
I found a French tutorial on youtube to stall markers on measures (to stall a measure at a specific moment of a scene of a video for example). it was really a simple and practical function. :cry: Musique à l'image Tuto débutant - YouTube see the video.
My problem is that I can not do the same thing in Cubase 9,
is there another solution?
thanks for your help and sorry for my goolge translation … :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

Coule you be more specific, what is your use case, please? What do you want to achieve?

Hi Martin.
in fact I would like to do as in the video but in Cubase.
I would like to compose the music of a video that I imported.

For that I imported a video in my project and I placed markers on the important moments (change of scene or beginning of the main theme) and now I would like these markers to be stalled on the first beat of the most close for example to be able to start the music from there. i know that on studio one we have to manipulate the tempo track and the rule moves at the same time and so i can synchronize it with my marker …

I hope that I have expressed myself well.
thank you for your help


Sorry, I don’t want to watch 13 minutes video… :wink:

If I understand your description, open Process Tempo Dialog from the Tempo Track. Here you can define what time or Bars&Beats should be at certain time. Cubase will count the Tempo for you.