Marking of up bow and down bow

While entering the ‘up bow’ and ‘down bow’ markings of the strings, I find it much easier to enter them at one go across several staves (since the string section usually maintain the same bow directions) or over several notes. But it does not work, e.g.

(1) In Write mode, select a note, then select the same position over several staves. Set ‘up bow’ (or ‘down bow’). Result: only the note in the first stave is marked (instead of all notes at this position).
(2) In Write mode, over a single stave, select several individual single notes at different time locations, then apply ‘up bow’ (or ‘down bow’). Result: all notes between the first selected note and last selected note are marked (instead of the individually selected ones).

I hope future release of Dorico will include these functions to make marking of up bow/down bow easier.



You’re correct about the current limitations of playing techniques. Until such time, with a playing technique selected, alt-click will duplicate it elsewhere as needed.

Thanks for pointing out using alt-click, which can achieve almost all that I want, then I use Filter/Playing Techniques to copy and paste.


Paste Special to the staff below could be a good friend of yours as well, especially when bound to a keyboard shortcut.