Martele symbol instead of term in music

I have a simple request. How do you add the hammer symbol for martele like below?:


Am I just overlooking it?

Or am I just supposed to use one of the symbols in the ‘strings’ playing technique pane that when you hover over them read ‘Overpressure [other verbiage here’…? But the ones that say overpressure look move like a ‘V’ instead of the simple hammers I’ve pasted in the pic here. Am I being too picky?
Sorry, previously, I’ve only been familiar with the most basic markings for violin, but now I’m starting to dive in and get more familiar with more markings. I realize martele is pretty basic, but can’t find a little hammer like the one in the pic.

To get:

Select the note, then press shift-] .

It’s an articulation.

Hopefully searching the manual for “martele” points you in the right direction as well, without you having to know already how Dorico categorizes this :slight_smile:

I think there may be some debate about whether the wedge-shaped articulation, which Dorico thinks of as staccatissimo, is really the same technique as martelé. If you want Dorico to produce a martelé playback technique, as opposed to treating it as staccatissimo (in which case it will also play the note much shorter, 25% of its written duration by default), then I would advise creating a playing technique in Library > Playing Techniques and assigning it to the Martelé playback technique. That way you can trigger a specific martelé patch or technique in your sample library if required.