Mas Users: Lion - Mountain Lion performance ?

Hi there,

Some of you can tell something about performance comparison of Cubase 7.02 between Lion and Mountain Lion ?

I am on Lion 10.7.5 now but want to upgrade to 10.8.2.
Curious if Cubase 7.02 performance in ML is any better (or worse ?!)

A couple of users have experienced issues, some have not.

I am still running 10.6.8 which is unsupported by SB and I am having no issues at all. 64bit and 32 both working fine.

You may like to know that Apple have a Pre-release of 10.8.3 available.

This is apparently the final release so Apple are expecting it to be bug free.

It’s not a lion or mountain lion problem, Cubase 6.5.4 works but not for Cubase 7, C7 have a lot of bugs in 32bit and 64bit mode…

C7.0.2 works fine here on 10.8.2. No crashes at all. I have high spec mac (i7, 16GB ram, just SSD…) and I can work at low buffer sizes. (though the real time VST performance sometimes bother me…)

Cubase 7 has many bugs and performance issues but they are not related to the OSX version. So in my opinion you can consider to upgrade.