Maschine 2.2 Cubase 8.0.5 Crash

If you use NI Maschine in Cubase 8.0.5 it will crash. How you crash Cubase is by letting Maschine play in a loop for some time. After awhile the audio will completely stop, then shortly after Cubase will crash. I can duplicate this crash every single time. I have tried turning off ASIO Guard as one user suggested, that didn’t fix it. I am on a Mac 10.10.1 w/32 GB RAM brand new i7 iMac. This is very upsetting, and makes it to where I cannot work in Cubase at all any more. I just bought it too, so this is very disheartening. The audio interface that I use is the UA Apollo Twin. I have no other issues like this in Logic, or Pro Tools for that matter. This surprises me to be honest because NI stuff is notoriously unstable in Pro Tools, but not in this case. Come on Steinberg, let’s get it together here. I just read a bunch of articles about how much trouble Avid is in financially and as a company. Now is your chance! I want to love Cubase, but in its current unstable point, it’s impossible.


Tried in Windows without issue.
Must be Mac related if anything…?

Maybe update your post a bit details for some of the folks who have Macs running C8.

How long after you start the sequence in Cubase does it crash? Same every time?

What else is going on in the project? Large number of instruments, or just Maschine?

Did you upgrade from C7? If so, is this a new problem for you?

After an update came out recently for my UA Apollo interface as well as for Maschine the issue seems to be resolved. YAY!!!