Maschine 2 Midi

Hi, i have tried for almost a day but still cant get it right after watching lots of vids and reading various forum posts…
i have the maschine mk2 V 2.4 as a vst, i have followed the guides for setting up maschine and CB on both the instrument track, all the midi track the notes are recording, but when i play back i get nothing, monitors are active but no sound, any help would be truly appreciate, because NI forums are just a no go area for assistance
thank you

I have the same problem…
Did you fix it ?


Hi, yes i got around it, however i don’t have Maschine anymore, i do have the vst which works fine, if i recall you have to start from the standalone version, updating the midi and controller settings to yours, and in the vst use the same settings, i think thats how i did it :slight_smile: making sure your instrument track and vst midi channels are the same, then check audio outputs in the vst
let me know