Maschine 2 vst and cubase integration

Does anyone use Cubase pro 10 with the maschine 2 vst and are able to record directly into cubase? I can use the plugin and can play using my maschine mikro 3 however when it comes top recording, i cannot record into cubase? I’ve looked around and have seen some info but cannot get it to work for me!! Does someone have a guide on how to get these two to work together on cubase 10?

Look up maschine forums. There is a post there with your answer and even project files for you to download. With that said, I would highly suggest you abandon maschine and use battery 3 or 4 in Cubase. Use the drum editor to sequence your drums and save the headaches. If you need a quick video of how fast this is is compared to maschine add me on Instagram fuego.infinito and will post a video on there today.

Hi. I have the same problem (but with Cubae Artist this time) and not find any solution. If you have any solution, I will be happy to hear about it :slight_smile:

It’s a little bit tricky …
This video helps me
Maybe this will help you

All you need is to follow this guide.