Maschine Mikro Mk II and Groove Agent 5 Kit Groups

Just bought Groove Agent 5 and thought I could use my Maschine Mikro Mk II controller with it, with 16 well useable pads.

I have no problem using the Maschine Control editor to get pads midi to Cubase 9.5.41.
BUT: these midi notes always only trigger GA5 pads of group 1, or trigger patterns, and don’t arrive at groups 3-4-5 the way they should, where most of the kits have sounding pads.

So far I haven’t made much use of Groove Agent, but with version 5 I would like to get things going.
As I don’t find Maschine Mikro MkII templates online, not even for GA4, I have to work my way through
a) the Maschine Controller editor
b) the Groove agent surface
to get both working together well.

Do any of you have a clue how to get this working? Can’t be the first time someone uses some Maschine Controller with Cubase and GA.

LOL the first thing to get out of the way, was pattern mode listening to Midi OMNI as default.
So I always triggered a pattern instead of a note in my first efforts.

Next obstacle were wrong note descriptions the Maschine Mackie control editor.
For example “C-1” (which doesn’t trigger correctly) has to be changed to “C1” in the controller editor.

There should definitely be easier ways to use widespread external controllers, by offering some kind of templates for this purpose from both sides: NI and Steinberg. Else every user has to find his way from scratch.

I now got the basic triggering going.