Maschine MK 3 control panel templates for Groove Agent

I have mapped the MK3 Maschine pads to use with groove agent in cubase.
Put maschine into Channel Midi to operate.

One set is for patterns and the other is for the kit.

Load into Maschine Controller Editor then select as required

Hope they are useful.

remove the .txt to use.

Hi, I wonder if you could give a little more guidance on this. I opened the file while NI Controller Editor was opened and in Template 1. I then exported Template 1, renamed it Maschine. I then opened Template 1 from the File menu, which created a second template, Maschine. Is that the right procedure?

And what’s next? How do I actually use this now to play Groove Agent? I opened Groove Agent but the pad assignments in MIDI mode don’t seem to trigger anything in Groove Agent. What am I doing wrong?

In control editor File/open template file
then load in the template file , (the ones I have placed in the links). Once loaded you can save them as any name you wish and they will appear on editor window on RH side, such as groove agent pattern and groove agent .
when loaded they shopuld match the groove agent pads. Then save the templetes
The maschine mk 3should be in midi mode
If you run groove agent in Maschine all the pads should then match depending on which template for which groove agent option.

Thanks, will give that a try.

Secutus, I tried the template. What I found out is that it works to control Groove Agent patterns, but not individual drums. The individual drums respond somewhat randomly when you put GA in Instrument mode, not Pattern mode. Sometimes hitting C-1, for example, plays the GA drum assigned to C-1, but if the kit has multiple pages of sounds, then you might trigger a sound on a different page.

On the GA side, once Maschine is running GA, you can no longer right click on a GA cell in Instrument mode and assign a key. That function is greyed out. So I am stuck for the moment. Any advice would be welcome.

Just wanted to add that I tried both of the templates you posted and they acted identically.

Have done some further investigation. Some GA kits work properly. For example, Kitchen in the Electronic Art Music group works just as I would want it (If I wanted it!) with Instrument – I can play one drum with one pad. The one that I really want to use, however, is one of the expansion packs, the Simon Phillips Jazz drums. Perhaps the difference is between a synth sound and a sampled one? It seems that if a picture of a drum set is shown on the right side of the GA window, the Kit template doesn’t work properly. If it’s a waveform, mostly it works.

What would I have to do to make the Simon Phillips pack work? BTW, I’m using the Maschine Mikro Mk3, if that makes any difference.

Me again! I’ve solved the problem. Secutus’ template works fine, but you have to also have to click “Turn of all pattern players” in the GA tool bar, just to the left of the Undo/Redo icons and the Steinberg logo. Use the NI Controller Editor with Secutus’ template from above to map the pads in Midi mode and you are all set.

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PLEASE can someone do a REUPP of the files?!?