Maschine MK3 midi mode is driving me insane

I want to use my Maschine MK3 in midi mode to assign my pads to pads in Groove Agent.

I go to Maschine’s Controller Editor and select a new clean template. At this point, nothing in Cubase should trigger, untill I assign some midi notes to something, at least this sounds logical to me.

When I start pressing my pads on the controller and mapping them to Groove Agent, eveything goes well for the first 16 pads (group 3), but when I start assigning the next group (group 4), some pads just start controlling Cubase for some reason. One pad (C0) for example closes my inspector on the left. Some other pad mutes everything, and so on. So if I assign my pad to Groove agent, the same pad will trigger a sample and also close the Inspector.

Why can’t I normally go through all the gropus and assign pads normally? How can any other features in Cubase be controlled by Maschine, if I have opened a clean template? It’s driving me nuts and I can’t figure it out.

Any help?