Mass Edit Graphical Glitch

I tried searching briefly and didn’t see anyone else mention this. Perhaps I’m the only one experiencing this graphical glitch? The actual final effect appears to do what it’s supposed to, it’s just the “preview” while dragging.

visual glitch with mass drag

You can see right away that the preview notes jump octaves, even while I’m on the original stave, and then once I start moving to different systems, it goes completely haywire with the orange selection rectangle, making it look like it’s going to appear somewhere all over the previous page, and the note previews start showing very strange pitches, creating intervals that never existed before. But once I release, it moves the content exactly as it’s supposed to.

This is an area we have been working on since the initial release, and you can expect more sensible results with the live editing overlay when dragging between systems in future updates.

Awesome, I look forward to the update!