Massive And Cubase 7 Question

I’m thinking of picking up Massive. How does it work in Cubase 7? Does it need a special player or is it just like a regular VST? For example, to play Cinebrass in Cubase I need Kontakt player. For East West stuff I need Play VST. How does Massive work in relation?

Massive is a VST Instrument - no player needed.

It’s a standalone synth too…no need for a host DAW. Otherwise, setup an instrument track and load it directly into Cubase. You can lose many hours of your life wandering around the presets inside of this synth…it’s aptly named.

Aside from the presets is it also programmable?

Yeah, it’s endlessly programmable. It hasn’t become the industry standard in electro, house and dubstep music because of it’s presets! :smiley:

I’ve been doing some research on the VST and supposedly it’s very cpu intensive. Will my Core 3, 16 gig memory system be good enough to power it? I don’t want to invest in it only to find out it won’t run properly.

it will… no worries

One last question and then I think I know what I’m going to do. I just checked out Komplete 9. It comes with Massive, which is $200 by itself and a crap ton of stuff all for just $500. It seems to me this is a no brainer. My question is this. Is everything in Komplete 9 compatible with Cubase, meaning will it run in Cubase or is some of it stand alone only? If it’s all Cubase compatible I think I’m just going to head down to my local Sam Ash and pick up a copy.

Yup. All in Komplete 9 is Cubase compatible. I use it all the time - tons of great stuff!

It seems like you are quite new to this. So be aware that it a LOT to learn. So don’t be put off if it feels overwhelming at first - keep going and there will come a time eventually when it’s all like child’s play :slight_smile:

Well, I’m relatively new. Been at this since September of this year. Already have quite a ton of stuff including Synthmaster, Zebra and all the QL stuff so not entirely without experience. I’ve gotten Cubase down well enough that I can get it to do what I need it to do. Do I know all the ins and outs of it? Not even close. But for my purposes (I create royalty free music) I’m sufficiently schooled. Also, I’ve been programming synthesizers, including modular ones, since the 80s. We’ve come a long way since Moog and ARP.

Wagtunes: Sorry if I misread your postings and made a bad judgement of your experience. My intent was to cheer up; it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you are new to all this stuff.

No offense taken. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of this stuff is rocket science to me and I probably only use a fraction of what Cubase can do. No pun intended but this stuff IS massive. This year I’ve spent close to $8,000 on software and hardware for my studio. I think I’m almost done once I pick up Komplete 9 which I just ordered from my local Sam Ash. they said it should be in from their other store no later than Monday. Can’t wait.

Komplete is exactly that. More instruments than you’ll ever use. I’ve been with NI Komplete since v4 and it’s changed my life ! You’ll never get to the bottom of the box and Massive is ridiculous ! All of the instruments work seamlessly with Cubase. Go fearlessly into the world of Komplete !

Thanks Eric. That’s very reassuring to hear. Bottom of the box? After just reading what comes with it I don’t think I’ll make past half way down. I’m sure it will be a wild, fun ride.

Hi, i think i chime in late… but I Support the views on Komplete 9. I use Komplete since Version 6 and I am on K9 Ultimate currently inlcuding Cuba. It is simply impossible to explore the whole set - you can do everything with it and every single Instrument and effect is a Piece of its own… to learn, to love, to Play with.

Have fun!


Ernst, I was looking at your sig and noticed you’re running Windows 7 64 bit as I am. So I take it that Komplete runs fine on 64 bit systems. The reason I’m asking is I have a few 32 bit VSTs that I had to bridge in order to run.

Yes no problem, every item in Komplete 9 is 64-bit. Like all the others have said: once you start playing with these synths, you’ll think you’re on another planet. Once you start discovering all the libraries in Kontakt, you’ll think you’re in another galaxy. Once you open Reaktor… you’ll find yourself in a parallel universe :wink:

One last question that I just thought of.

I have the Kontakt player installed on my PC in order to use my Cinebrass library. When I install Komplete, should I uninstall the player and install the one that comes with Komplete or just leave it alone? The reason I’m asking is, I’m having some problems with it recognizing the factory sample library. I installed it but it doesn’t show up on the left side of the screen like Cinebrass does. I went through the procedure to register it (entering the code through my account) and I went into libraries to add it but nothing happens. I’m concerned maybe the player is corrupted. That’s why I’m asking about maybe uninstalling it and installing the one that comes with Komplete 9.

What do you think?

what version of Kontakt player do you have? If it’s Kontakt 5 then the Komplete 9 install will simply replace your current player version by the full version. All Cubase projects that used an instance of Kontakt Player will still work as before, you’ll just get a full Kontakt instance instead of a Player.

(EDIT: this is only true of course if you install the plugins into the same folder as where the player was installed. but I don’t know what happens if you install it into another folder)

If your current version is Player 4 or below, then the Komplete 9 installer will leave that old version alone, nothing will be replaced or deleted. You could decide to uninstall the Player V4 BUT: every Cubase project that used an instance of Kontakt 4 will show a “missing” plugin, because it treats Kontakt 4 and 5 as different plugins, it doesn’t know that Kontakt5 is an upgrade of Kontakt4. And if the plugin is missing, you can’t see anymore what library or patch you were using in that project… So you have the choice of either accumulating old versions of NI-plugins (because it’s the same for Battery, Guitar Rig, Absynth, …) on your PC, or going through every Cubase project after the Komplete 9 install, replacing every Kontakt 4 instance by the 5 version, and only then uninstalling V4.

Which is what I’ve been doing the last 2 weeks BTW: opening some 40 projects, replacing all Kontakt 4’s by 5’s, Guitar Rig 4’s by 5’s, etc, and while I’m busy, replacing all HalionOne instances by HalionSonicSE’s (yes, Steinberg does this too…), Ultra Analog VA-1’s by Ultra Analog VA-2’s (yes, Applied Acoustic Systems does this too…).

I don’t know why you’re not seeing the Kontakt Factory Library though… There’s an “add library” button on top of that left side library navigator, where you can point Kontakt to the location on your harddisk where the library is installed, did you try that?

I’ll try to make this quick. I picked up Komplete 9 today and installed everything. Including the updates, it took close to 5 hours. Wow, so much stuff. My head is spinning.

Quick question. i pulled up all the main DLLs (ABSynth, Massive, Reaktor, etc) just to make sure everything works and they all work fine.

So, here’s my question. Where do I get the additional sounds for some of these modules? I read something in the docs about user created data? I can’t seem to find the URL anywhere in the docs for this service, though I have to admit I have not gone through everything yet as this is like trying to read 10 copies of War and Peace.

Otherwise, everything that I’ve tested out is amazing. Whoever said that Reaktor was like a parallel universe wasn’t kidding. I have got one heck of a learning curve ahead of me for a lot of this stuff but I think I can handle it.

Without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve made this year. Thank you to all who said I would love it. You weren’t kidding.