(massive bug) Track continues to play whilst muted

Extremely frustrating issue where cubase does not recognise a track that is muted as can be seen in attached picture > In this instance halion is soloed yet Kontakt remains audible :frowning:

Kontakt is also soloed in the mix console of your screenshot.

Then there seems to be a bug that when muting in project view does not translate to Mixer…Thanks for pointing it out. No matter what I do it will not mute in the mixer when muted in project view :confused:

Anyone else having or can confirm this issue.
When track is muted it project view, if it is triggered my a midi track the mute will not be recognised in the mixer so it will show as if it is muted yet sound will still play until one goes into the mixer and mute. This will unmute the project view and you have to click again on the mixer mute for it to work as intended.
Very frustrating…

@Martin.Jirsak possible bug?

What I’ve had happen several times, which I believe is similar to what you’re describing, is that I have an instrument track muted in the project view but the track is not showing as muted in the mixer. And the track actually still plays. I didn’t fully figure out the sequence of mouse clicks that eventually restored the normal state of affairs, but here’s what it looked like:

CB Pro 13
Windows 10
(First screen capture posted here, so sorry if I’ve not done it right.)

Yes this is exactly what I’m dealing with…among other things. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully this gets addressed


Muting an Instrument Track in the Project window, you mute the source MIDI data. If you are using multi-outs, or a MIDI Track routed to the given Instrument, the Audio Return of the Instrument (what is the channel, you can see in the MixConsole) remains unmuted. So the Project window and the MixConsole Instrument Track Mute are in sync only, if you use a simple Instrument track with no multi-MIDI and no multi-outputs.

Otherwise, in the Project window, this is the MIDI Track and in the MixConsole, it’s the Audio Return.

It’s by design, like this.

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