Massive CPU overload. Anybody else seen this?

Just upgraded to 9. Look at my CPU usage. Anybody seen this?

I assume by the term “Massive” you are not referring to the Native Instruments VST plugin “Massive”? … If not than I think I encountered the same thing as you… And freaked out thinking something in Cubase 9 was a terribly wrong! Just adding a couple of VST’s caused the Cubase performance meter to show that it was 3/4 full!!!

Turns out the problem was that In my ASIO driver (my interface is a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24) I had the Buffer size set at an unreasonably LOW value. Makes for practically NO detectable latency - I think I had set it at 64 … , but doing this puts a heavy burden on your PC’s processor. I was amazed that I could set it that low and still not hear any audio artifacts (which can happen if the system can’t handle it). Problem was that once I set it that way I forgot about it… and later on could not work out why my performance capacity had suffered!

Once I discovered the problem I bumped it up to a more reasonable value… like 128 or 256 … Then all of a sudden my CPU usage was vastly improved!

I monitor through UA Apollo 16 with direct monitoring. No latency because it doesn’t go through Cubase at all.
I never go below 256 buffer size. Even at 2048 this is happening. It’s maddening. Day 2. I just can NOT work.

What did you upgrade from?


I’ve been using 9 for a while now. If you use only Cubase plugins, your load is not going to be that heavy no matter how many plugins you throw at your mix.
Third party plugins are a different matter. You can throw dozens of sample based synths at it with minimal CPU load (ESW, Kontakt, Halion, Spectrasonics, etc) but you need to have enough memory to load all the samples (usually not a problem). Older soft synths like Sylenth and Massive are also pretty light on CPU, although you can create patches you’ll need to bounce in both. Some of the newer soft synths like Serum, Diva, or Spire can use more than half of an 8 core machine for one patch.
Processing plugins are pretty much the same deal, you can put a ProQ2 on every track but you’re going to drive up the load for hardware emulations that run in software. Waves vs UAD.
Which plugins are you having problems with?

You should have your computer specs in your sig so people know what we are dealing with here. I didn’t notice a drop in performance when i upgraded.

Same problem here. Upgraded from 9.5 Pro to 10.0.3. Buffer set to 1024, 32GB RAM, quad processor on a late 2012 Mac Pro.
I have 3 instances of Kontakt, one instance of Omnishpere, two verb plugins (Altiverb 7 & VSS3). And I’m showing 75% load in Cubase and in the activity monitor, 256% of CPU load. Was only around 15% with same session loaded in Cubase 9.5 Pro… Huh?