Massive difference when opening older projects in C10

I installed C10 several weeks ago, but I was busy working on an album that I started on 8.5 and 9. Today I finally got some time to try C10, so I opened one of the projects from this album to see how it performs. The project opened without any errors, but as soon as I hit play I realized that something was terribly wrong. It didn’t sound anything like the original version, the cymbals sounded completely different. They were much louder, there were some abrupt volume changes, caused by bypass automation of three instances of Steinberg Multiband Dynamics on the drum overheads, room mics and snare mic (the first two are sidechain-driven by the snare mic). I checked the same project on v8.5, everything worked fine. I had no time to investigate further into this, but is there a place where the known v10 vs v<10 compatibility issues are gathered?