MASSIVE NVIDIA easy setting mod - needed audio driver at 512~> NOW 48!

NOTE: i thought i stumbled up something similar for AMD (if i re-find will post)


if so - open up the nvidia control panel
THEN: go up on the left menu to ‘Manage 3D settings’
THEN: on the right look carefully (i had to-) ~> for: “Power Management Mode”

SET THAT TO: Prefer Maximum Performance

I needed to run at 512 and 256 in audio driver control panel
NOW i can run at 64 and 48 if i wish, NO (audible etc.) PROBLEMS
(with identical load before mod obviously)

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Only problem with doing it this way is when you system is in idle you gpu will be maxed out which will surley increase your electric bill…

What you should do is

Manage 3D Settings > Look on the right paine and select Program Settings > Select Add tab > Look for Cubase 13.exe. Once added look at 2. Specify the settings for this program > Scroll down to Power Management Mode > Set this to Prefer Maximum Performance.

Now everytime you launch Cubase your GPU will run at max perfomance amd when you quit C13 the gpu will return to idle, Max savings mode!

Windows 10+ also Has a gpu mode



coincidentally i did stumble upon someone, yesterday, writing about creating a profile, or similar, can’t quite recall the term used at the moment - though pretty much certainly it was what you’ve written…

I figured i had it covered for the time being, and might look into it as a possible better option
… L A T E R *-)

SO… your pointing out the power usage and exactly what’s best is REALLY great!!!

Crossed my mind for 2 seconds though convinced myself there’d be little power difference
… P E R H A P S

heck, I bet it was you who mentioned somewhere else. (not necessarily on the Steinberg forums even)

just thinking out loud here - late night.
No reply needed - though all thoughts/ideas/tweaks welcomed of course.

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Could make sense (haven’t tested it yet). Cubase has some problems with the graphics and also the DSP peaks even when no project is played could be related to this.

Yes, and also the better design card you have also allows great track count , i made a thread about it last year but people though t i was bonkers

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I have avoided Nvidia on my Cubase machines for exactly this reason.

Now Steinberg have actually explained how to setup the optimum way to use Nvidia every things running smooth but when you are left in the dark to figure things out …
I’ve doubled my track count going from an Gtx 1650 to an RTx3060 , and that’s real world not off the net bench test and with SP Gpu acell , what’s not to like :wink:

Swings & Round Abouts bruh. Everything i share here i’ve picked up/Learned from somewhere. At some point you’ll return the favour.

Some GPU’s when running full power will suck 300w+ from your PSU and when making muzik for 12-18hrs everyday this can turn out exspensive.
I try to work with a format…
If im stepping away from my desk for say toilet or tea/coffee break i turn my screens off.
If im stepping away from more than 10 i save and quit cubase which gives my GPU a breather and cuts back on eletric usage.

Also, im not sure how Stenbergs Power Settings, Nvidia Performace settings and windows Graphic settings work in tamdom. This is something i have never tested i have just set all 3 to run on MAX when running cubase. You’d need to check if Steinbergs power settings actually effect the GPU Power performance. IF it does then setting this alone should do the job, you may need to add a nVidia cubase profile… This should only take you about 30mins to test, i dont have time a present so if you do post back your findings.

All the best!

What model can you recommend? Strictly for Cubase, no gaming.

No they won’t do that if only Cubase is running.

Unless there is sarcasum in this comment im thinking you missed my point.
If you run your GPU @ Max power no matter what app/software you use you will consume alot more power which will have an effect on your electricity bill. :beer:

Just not true. it will not consume alot more power. The gfx card is just not loaded at all and as such power consumption remains similar.
In my case (RTX 2060 Super), regardless of settings and usage in Cubase it will pull 44W (which is not small), but the setting has little to no effect under such usage scenario.
You are thinking of this setting that it is the same like disabling C-states etc for a CPU - however it does not do a similar thing to your GPU.
Pls test for yourself, thanks.