Massive performance issues

As header
I was using 11 elements and was working fine, had loads of plugins running
i just brought artist 12 and

one track and CPU is off the chart
Ryzen 3400g
16gb dd4 3200
win 11
fiio DAC
NVMe Samsung 980

i just seem to be always fighting with cubase

PS insert slot plugin selection file system still opens expanded.
I’ve already put up with it for a year, hoping it would be fixed with 12

I’ve no idea what’s they’re doing at HQ

software is unusable for me atm

worthy of note when i disable track and re-enabled
the CPU load drops right down

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What is your latency set to?

Ive tried all from 256 t0 2048
no difference

but thanks for the reply :}

No idea whether it helps, but have you tried different ASIO guard settings? Or even disabling ASIO guard completely?

Yes, tried every setting there is

but by disabling the track, ie grayed out
then re-enable track cpu usage goes to normal levels and no click pops or bangs :wink::
So i can only assume its a bug and will have to do those steps on every new instrument track

i was wrong
still getting massive CPU usage tried all settings i can think of

I’m unable to do any work in current state
cubase 11 was working just fine
the only thing thats changed is the upgrade , if you can call it that