Massive X and Kontakt 7 vs. Cubase 12 Pro on Windows 11

Hi there,
first post so official “hello forum”

Browsed the forums, searched the web and not seem to find any answer to that.
Noticed that when using NI Massive X and NI Kontakt 7 are taking solid few seconds when loading their GUI. Playback is fine but when want to run the plugin GUI (Edit Instrument) it is taking a long time to run, arouund 10 seconds. Seem like it might be a redrawing gui issue. Once the GUI is up it runs normally. Playback is with no issues.

Old Massive and Kontakt 6 are lightning fast.

Enabeling or disabeling HiDPI does not solve the problem.

Tested StudioOne (installed a trial of v6) same issue. On Ableton Live on Windows it is ok with Massive X and Kontakt 7.

Anyone has a similiar issue? Wondering if downgrading to Windows 10 will solve it.

PC specs (if needed) :
64GB Ram
2TB SSD system drive - also plugins and etc is there.
Samples for K7 and presets for massive X are on saparate SSD drive.

Many thanks!


To me it sounds like NI issue. Especially if you can reproduce it in other DAW.

Well, not exactly.
Was able to reproduce it in StudioOne - rumour has it that it is being developed by some of the former Steinberg engineers.
Ableton Live was not able to reproduce it.

Try to disable windows defender for the moment and see if you got any improvement.

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Thanks for pointing this out. Didn’t help thought.
What I did was check the other machine: on Windows 10 it was working fine, then upgraded to 11 and had the same problem. Installing fresh, clean Windows 11 from iso file. and it was ok. So in a short thought it might be something when upgrading from 10 to 11 with no clean install of 11.