Master bus effect bypassing

Hey guys!!

Having a bit of trouble with the BYPASS function of any insert that’s on the MASTER bus. I notice that when I bypass them, they are still being routed through the effect. In other words, bypassing the effect does nothing. It still is going through the effect.

For example, I have a compressor in Insert 1 on the master bus. An EQ on Insert 2, a Limiter / Normalizer on Insert 7, and a frequency anazlyzer on Insert 8. I would try bypassing the compression, and it still is going through the compressor and getting compressed.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a preference somewhere that I’m overlooking? When I click the BYPASS function on these inserts, shouldn’t the audio just go right by without being affected?

Not seeing anything like that here. Here, if I bypass one plug, that plug is not part of the chain, but the others are. Are you 100% sure the signal is still getting compressed? Are you going by your ears?

1000% sure. I am going by my ears. But what really gives it away is that I’m also using that compressor for a volume boost. This should also go away if I click the Bypass function. But nope, still there. The COLOR of the insert changes, going from blue to gray, indicating that it should’nt be functioning. But it most definitely is.

I have this issue unless i remove the plugs… i dont know why yet either.

Definitely not seeing that here. Here, it works as it should.

That is not what you are seeing?

  1. What plugin is this? Bypass in some cases is something that the plugin implements, it might be buggy.
  2. Try this on a different bus/track and see if it works.
  3. For testing purposes, try using one of the built-in compressors.

I’ve had trouble in the past with some Waves plugins acting up when bypassed or otherwise.

I’ve also had this issue with a few plugins. Sonnox is one that springs to mind. I have to actually switch the plugin off all together, rather than just using the bypass button.

To the OP, are you having this problem with all plugins or just some?

Are you sure Sonnox plugins are still processing the signal when in by-pass mode?
I’ve been under the impression that only these plugins’ meters are active, now I’ll have to check see if I’m an idiot…please everyone, don’t jump on That :wink:



I can confirm this problem on my system, where I use a Brainworx plug to monitor in mono. I have to switch the plugin off completely, as the bypass button doesn’t work.

Same here with Ozone. I have to turn Off Ozone.

I’ve noticed this though…There’s a significant time-lag with Ozone. If you bypass it, the effect is gone but the lag is still there. So it must be routed thru rather than around the effect.

I might guess that your compression gets bypassed but it’s output gain stage does not.


I confirm that issue with some plugins like GVST. They must be turn off.

My Brainworx plugs bypass fine but all of my Sonnox plugs have this problem both on the master buss or any normal channel.

My issues remain with any of the plugs… sonnox, waves, etc. For now, I just take them off.

I notice that Klanghelm SDRR still proceed audio while export audiomixdown offline - when its bypased in Cubase 7.

Hi there,

I have just tested it on my system with Waves and iZotope plugins, and I can’t reproduce the problem. Could anyone with the problem please load a video like the one from Jeff Hayat?


Has there ever been a fix to this? I’m still getting this problem in Cubase 10 using Ozone 8 on the master buss. It has happened over all Cubase versions since I can remember and using multiple Ozone since Ozone 5 and now Ozone 8!

It only happens when I re-open a project and there is a bypassed instance of Ozone on the master buss. It will act as if that instance of Ozone isn’t bypassed.