Master EQ - tuning output for PA

This is probably a dumb question.

My intention is to use Live Pro to output directly to a PA via a Behringer UMC1820. Given that PA’s, and rooms, are not equal is there a way to apply global EQ (and/or global effects) to the main output without having to set it in each song and without having to use an external mixer?

I haven’t tried it up to now, but the Out-Channels in the mixer should be global.

So it was a dumb question. Tested it by adding an insert and “stereo out” is global. Some days I can’t see the wood for the trees - Thank you!

What EQ are you using? I am trying to get the Cubase GEQ 30 or some kind of good 31 band VST EQ. Is see lots of parametrics on the market and the included VST Live EQ is nice - but I want the flexibility of a 31 band stereo graphic live - any suggestions and anything that comes free from steinberg and can be uploaded to VST Live?

Just the Studio EQ supplied with VST Live