Master fader not working


I have a problem with my master fader not working. I move it up and down, but it doesn’t have an effect on the overall volume of the track anymore. I have not changed any settings. It has just started happening and I don’t know why. Is there a known fix for this? Thanks in advance.


Are your channels routed to the Stereo Out (I expect this is your “Master Fader”?

Everything is routed to the stereo out, yes. Usually I can simply move the fader up and down and have it affect the overall volume of a project, but now I cannot.


Could you try to set ask your tracks to output None and then route them back to the Stereo Out? Use the Q-Link function.

I think I have managed to fix it. For some reason I can control the overall volume by using the master fader in the MixConsole window, but not on the transport bar. I don’t know how/why it has become like that, but the problem is solved for now. Thanks for your help!


Transport bar far doesn’t control the Master Fader. It controls the Control Room Main knob.

It controls the Master fader, if control room is off.