Master Frame colors

Where in Dorico Help are all these frames, their lovely colors, and what it all means, explained in detail so I may sort this all out?

Dunno where in the manual, but:

Green on the top-only means a page template change for that page only
Green on the top and side means a page template override for that page and all subsequent pages
Purple triangle means page number change
Yellow at the bottom means flow header change
And of course red triangle means page override.

I can’t help but wonder if all these changes are necessary? Just curious. There may be a better way.

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Page format changes (First time I’ve found anything in the help in less than 5 minutes).

Thanks. I also just found them myself.

You are right. The better way is yet for me to find it.

Well, I always enjoy a formatting/layout puzzle, if you can post info here!

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You’re just the guy I’m looking for.
I want to keep the first two pages together so I don’t have to grow a 3rd hand to turn the page.
But now I would also like the first page to be page 1 and the 2nd page page 2, etc.
I wish I could watch you do this.

Honestly the way I would do this is to create another page template called “title,“ that just has a text frame on it. Then right click page 1 in the pages panel and assign a page template change for that page only, and change it to your new page design. Dorico will push everything else one page later, since it has to show the music on page 2 and following.

Oh, and in the layout options, page set up, flows, you will need to select “use first page template for any flow starting at top of page“ or something like that. If you don’t, Dorico will show the first page of music using the default page template design, not the first page template.

The other reason why this is easiest is because it will print duplex automatically with the correct page terms.

I find this preferable to fooling around with page number changes and all that. But there are a few other ways to achieve the same result.


Got it. Thank you. Here goes…

I got it working as clean as I could, but it still doesn’t do page numbers. I think I followed the instructions–about 6 times and tried this and that-- but I can’t get page numbers. It’s 1.1MB. Can I send it in?

One can change the page number, but Dorico will still group the even numbered page on the left and the next higher odd numbered page on the right. So I do not think this will accomplish what you want.

Best to add a (blank, if necessary) title page and start your music on page 2. The default First page template does not display any page number unless one adds it to the template.


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You’re not seeing page numbers because your titles are coming from flow headings, and your Layout Options are set to hide page numbers above flow headings that are positioned at the top of the page.

Your page numbers are also always on the top left, on both left- and right-handed pages, but your page number paragraph style is set to the “outside edge” alignment, causing the odd-numbered page numbers to align with the right edge of their text frames, which is not the left edge of the page.

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