Master Loudness Meter very Slow

Am i missing something in the Settings? My MLM is very slow, i mean the sound
you hear now shows on the meter like 10 seconds later, is not in Sync with the
tracks Meters, it must be a setting somewhere i guess?


Something is going on, i just installed the SLM128 and run it on the main Outputs,
that too is very slow, probably on the 20 seconds range, everything else is instant,
only the Loudness Metter and the SLM 128 are very slow…unless i am missing something.

Are you using the standby mode of your computer? There is an Issues thread on this:

All meters in the Steinberg plugins, ControlRoom and MainMeter appear to react veeeery slowly after standby (also when cubase 8 was not active during standby time). On my system, the delay correlates approximately with the standby time. Very strange, all drivers and win7 up-to-date; only rebooting the system helps temporarily. No other solution so far.

I switched to my other System, i have 2 Systems on 1 Computer, on this one works fine,
it is optimized for Audio…will go back to the other one and check if its under system stand by
in the Power Management if something.

Same here, seems persistent upon reload. Makes loudness metering impractical.

I still can not narrow the problem…it is impractical, when it happens i simply
use 3d Party plugins because ANY of the Steinberg metering system is not working.