Master Meter Needed in the New Lower Zone MixConsole

The new lower zone MixConsole in CB 9 is a pretty nice new feature. But, this concern… “The master meter is not available in the lower zone MixConsole.” (copied from the Steinberg help site) kinda defeats a lot of the purpose for using the lower zone MixConsole.

Hence my request…
Please make the “master meter” available in the lower zone MixConsole.

Seriously… all features of the regular MixConsole should be available in the new lower zone MixConsole but if that can’t done, at least add the master meter.

So until this gets improved, it’s a “Close but no cigar” rating from me on the new lower zone MixConsole. Too bad. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I’m going to take this one step further and request that the Control Room/Master Meter section be added as a tab in the project window’s Right Zone (the one that currently is limited to Instrument Rack and MediaBay tabs). This would be the PERFECT place for the master meter.

There are several feature request threads asking for this already.

Please please please please please please please



Yes please, just allow me to dock the whole mix console in the lower window and I will be happy, because its a great feature but toggling between mixconsole configs doesn’t seem possible…?

and allow me to put the master meters in the right hand dock as well - best place for it!

I have always thought a small main volume fader from the control room - showing somewhere on the main project window, at all times - just this, so you can adjust the volume, then if you really want, double click to bring up the whole Control room GUI. Such a dial could be put anywhere.





Here’s my mashup of what I think would work well - And a setup I would want to use…

changes are; 1) Allow Mixer to extend all the way left 2) add a right side for selected track (or master) bus.



+1 for routing to be available in LZ mixer