Master meter not working?

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I am quite new on Nuendo and I have just got one issue that is particularly bothering: the master meter does not work even though the song is playing. I have got all the other channels working but please note that when a track is peaking/clipping, there isn’t any red bars at the bottom of the track to show that it has been clipping, and the master fader remains empty.
Have a look here:

On the other hand, on some other projects, it works fine. I cannot upload a second picture as I am new but on these projects, the master meter is showing that sound comes in and all the other channels work fine (when it is peaking, it will be shown with a red bar on the bottom of the channel).

I do not think I have changed purposely the settings of these two projects, and I cannot find how to be able to see these important information, especially for mixing and export purposes.

Can someone please help me?

Please note that I am using Nuendo 12 and a MIDAS Venice F-32.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Open Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs. One of the Bus is set as Main Mix (there is the [-> symbol in front of the Bus name).

Is any channel routed to this Output Bus?

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Dear Martin.Jirsak,

Thanks a lot for your quick answer!

I cannot find such a bus. Could you please have a look at the screenshot of the outputs I have set for this project?

Here is it:

I hope that this image can help you.

Looking forward to reading you.

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It’s the bus with the black speaker in your case. So it’s the Mono 1 bus.

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Dear Martin,

Thank you for your answer again!

So I have followed what you have advised me to do, and indeed, it worked! Instead of having my vocal track routed in Output 16, I routed it in Output Mono 1, and I can finally see the master meter showing.

But then another question comes to my mind: how can I change my main mix bus (how can I change the little black speaker to be on a stereo track instead?) Because for the moment, it seems to be a Mono Main Mix bus, which is not really useful. How can I make it a stereo main mix?

I am sorry if it does not sound clear enough but I am not really sure about the exact terms to use.

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In the Audio Connections > Outputs, right-click on the wanted bus and select the Main Mix from the drop-down menu.

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Dear Martin,

Thank you so much for your help and time!

I’ve finally made it thanks to your tips!

I wish the Nuendo community an amazing day!

Thanks again.


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