Master Meter


How do I get the Master Meter to work with a different bus to Stereo Out ?


“NOT”… as far as I am Aware of.

What do you want to achieve?

Cheers, Ernst

I just want the master meter on a different bus

Changing the Main Mix designation in VST Connections I believe should achieve what you want.

Thanks for reply. I tried that already… I kinda expected that to do it too :-\ but no joy

Just to verify we’re on the same page, please explain how you go about changing the main mix designation. I’m not currently in the studio, so can’t corroborate 'til later.

It is now later and I can confirm what I said previously. Change the Main Mix designation - keep in mind however that you will also have to reroute your tracks to the new Out (QLink will ease this task)!

Why? The purpose of the Master Meter is to monitor the Main Output Bus. What is your purpose with wanting it to monitor another bus? What are you attempting to achieve?

If you simply want “better” metering, there are a multitude of third-party VST plug-ins available (from freeware to quite expensive), that you can use as inserts. It appears that all the major vendors make one or more.

I have a project with 2 st. tracks that I wanted to run to different busses.The two busses themselves have different bus insert effects. I wanted to cross compare the two tracks via the two busses … I thought the easiest way would be to have two busses and just mute the bus / swap routing etc… I guess I could use two group tracks instead to do this. I had a similar issue when I had a stereo output bus and mono output. I could do it in Sonar or Logic but not Cubase.

I think I see your predicament. It’s not possible to route a track (channel) to multiple outputs simultaneously (as far as I can see). A “dirty” work-around would be this:

  1. Create two FX channels and set up your effects chains on these (copy them from your busses).
  2. Route postfader sends from the channel(s) you want to compare to these FX channels in equal amounts. *
  3. Select “No bus” as routing for the channel(s) you want to compare (so that the audio don’t get two paths)
  4. Route your FX channels to the main output bus

Now you can A/B compare the two channels, by using the mute/solo buttons on the FX channels.

If you have two source channels you need to route the sends to one FX channel each. Otherwise route the single source channels sends to both FX channels.

Steinberg did release the slm128 plugin some time ago, have a look at
It is unsupported , but works great.