master out and input always showing

Hello all :slight_smile: first post here
I just bought cubase 8.5 and cant seem to figure out how to have the master outs and inputs always showing instead of always having to scroll through the mixer to see my master levels or my input levels. the older versions of cubase had that option, is it a possibility in cubase 8?

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:



Check the visibility agent on the left bar of your mixer. I usually set the inputs on the left and the main output to the right, sometimes with my master FX bus (or not).

Hope this helps.


Use Zones, please. On the left side of the MixConsole, there two tabs: Visibility and Zones. In the Zones, you can set any Channel to stay in the left- or the right Zone. All other tracks are in between (scrolleble), and zoned tracks stay.

Tnx!!! It’s because I had my visibility option checked off so I couldn’t find that zone thing, wow something that was so complicated and had me looking for abt 2 hours was so easy! Thank you again!