Master page editor wishlist

In order to get used to Dorico’s layout workflow I was trying to copy a simple worksheet for Guitar beginners that I did in Sibelius. I wonder how long it will take until Dorico will be able to do all the things that are missing at the moment:

My guess is something between 6 months and 2 years? But that is not the point here. I achieved the result by creating a master page like this:

Unfortunately there is a lot of guesswork if you want to have a master page that works for several pages without having to move things around afterwards on the individual pages. So here is my wishlist:

  • It would be extremely helpful if the master page editor would display empty (grey) staves or sample data from an existing flow (greyed out to show that you work on the master page).

Please add an option to make the left/right master pages identical, mirrored or individual. At the moment it is a lot of extra work if you want to have both pages look the same, or just have the page numbers mirrored.

The graphics frame seems to be sort of a global container. If I want different graphics on pages with identical layout I need to place a grahics frame on each page. Please add the option to add a graphics frame on the master page that can be filled with individual graphics on individual pages.

Bug: I inserted a vga file in the graphics frame that looks and prints perfectly. Saving the project and reopening it always displays an empty graphics frame, the file is not saved in the project:

Thanks for your feedback. These are all good ideas and along the lines of things we would like to add to the master page editor in due course.

The problem with graphics not being saved properly is a bug, and it will be fixed for the forthcoming 1.0.10 update.