Master Page Help

Could anyone take a look at this?

The master page is set as I would like. I can’t work out any way to make the first page the same as the master page.
I’ve tried the obvious things…
Master TEMPLATE (1.02 MB)


Hopefully I’m not misunderstanding you question… Looking at your ‘First’ master page, the LH and RH ones are different, with the main difference being the ‘subtitle’ token. Is that what you’re missing? Because page 1 is a RH page, I think you should edit the RH master page to look like the LH master page, and then you’ll be fine. I’ve quickly done it on the attached.
Master TEMPLATE Dorico (1.02 MB)

Vilnai, you are correct! I am a proper moron…

Thank you!


By all means, do not write that !

The fact that mainly the right hand page is the probably most used page in Dorico has already been treated in a thread, it can be confusing at first.
I think it was a good idea to fill your template with tokens instead of that text you will have to change each time (while Dorico can make use the project info data in more interesting ways). You should stick with that idea. But yes, you should concentrate on the RH page. Did I understand the problem right or is this another problem caused by language misunderstanding ?

You understood right. I’d just not considered the RH page. I had for the default but not for the first.
How can I copy the LH to the RH? I’ve proper tried…!

This does not exist yet, unfortunately (this has already been discussed in a thread last month…)
Some options to make this frame work better need to be implemented or improved, such as copying from one RH page to the LH one, or merely copy a frame — this would have saved me a lot of time on your trombone project ! It has been asked also to have constrained move of the mouse (I had to do it all with the arrows) and eventually a kind of “grid” in order to make every frame really aligned… As you can see, there is room for improvement !