Master Page Requests

Being able to copy/paste frames and content from one master page to another, especially L to R.

Maybe a L=R button or tick?

Copy and paste of text to retain formatting. At the moment copy/paste strips font etc. from the pasted version.

Some method of locking to line elements up. The little squares don’t help with this as you can’t line up the actual frame edges by eye.

Could it be that when you click on a little square (on a frame) it shows the values, without having to move it (and thus change the values)?

Also, the values when altering frames seem to jump (i.e. 30.1 to 30.3) and zooming out wildly doesn’t (always) help. At the moment this means that my L and R pages differ in various places by 0.1.

You can edit the size and position of frames using the bottom panel (Ctrl-8) if you want to specify the “exact” size and position. You can either set the offsets form the sides of the printing area, or the size of the frame, depending on which “constraints” are set in the left hand panel.

There is a slight “feature” - if you change the constraints on a frame, you have to deselect and reselect it to make the correct fields editable in the bottom panel.

Also, it’s not obvious (to me) why the minimum space between the edge of a frame to the printing area is 1.00 points and not 0. But if you really care about that, you can just make the printing area bigger (Setup menu, layout options).

I agree an option to constrain a frame relative to another frame would be nice.

Yes, we agree with all of these requests and we expect to be able to put a bit more time into improving the usability of the frames tools in Engrave mode in the relatively near future.