Master page set with different page sizes (A3, A4, etc.)

Is there a good way of transferring my A3 master page set to my A4 score with the sizes looking the same? I just made another copy of my template file and set its page size to A4 but that doesn’t quite work the way I wanted. I want both the A3 and A4 to look the same.
Is there a better way than just resizing the A4 one by hand?

Check what frame constraints are set for frames on the master page.

Frames with locked constraints on all sides enlargen/ensmallen according to the layout’s page size.

Frames with one unlocked constraint have a fixed height/width (depending on which constraint is unlocked).

The font size of text inside text frames won’t proportionally change, however.

Thanks. But do you know a good formula for changing the font sizes manually? Dividing it by two was a bit much. How many % smaller should I make my A4 text from my A3 one? Is there even a good formula for it?

Try dividing by 1.41, or multiplying by 0.71.
(Google A paper sizes square root of 2 for loads of good explanations of this.)

I found a better solution, if someone ever needs it!
Just create all your scores in the page size that you have your master pages designed (in my case, A3) and whenever you go to print the music to pdf, under “Page Setup”, just select the desired size and hit “Fit to paper”. This will ensure a consistant look across any page size.

Well yes, but you’ll then have to do mental acrobatics re: margins, font sizes, staff sizes etc.

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