Master page wishes

This might have been up before but I can’t find it…
It would be much easier to change a master page if I could see an outline of what’s in a frame when I’m in the master page editor. E.g. when I change a frame to make room for a text frame, I can’t see in which way it affects the other frames, until I exit the editor.
Also, it’s an annoyance that the zoom view changes when I return from the master editor.


This would be very helpful!! As a work-around in the meantime, you could make some changes on the page itself (which shows the content) without actually making changes, then go to your Master Page Editor and make your actual changes that you desire there. It’s definitely more fiddly, but may help. I agree that your request is really good to have this behavior right in the Master Page Editor.

EDIT - After reading this post I realize that it’s not the most clear thing I’ve ever written. Apologies… I meant you can make adjustments on the actual page but don’t save the changes, taking note of desired adjustments, then apply those in the Master Page Editor.