Master pages are gone, need help, please

OOPS! Master pages are gone from all parts. Thankfully full score is intact.

How I got here:
1 - I created a score and arranged a section of music for a hymn arrangement.
2 - I imported an existing flow, then copied and pasted it’s parts into the last verse of my original flow.
3 - I deleted the 2nd flow.
4 - did a bunch of editing.
5 - the first time I tried to view a part I discovered the master pages are gone for all of the parts. Unfortunately, I’ve closed the score and reopened so I can’t undo.

Things I checked:

  • parts appear on midi tracks in play mode.
  • parts appear in write mode galley view.
  • all parts are checked when I select the flow in setup mode.
  • also in setup mode, all corresponding parts are checked when selecting each layout.
  • all part master pages are MIA. When I try to add new pages, the only template in the dropdown is "pushbutton. " Nothing happens when I try to add new master pages.

I need help fixing this project and would also like to understand how I screwed it up.

This project is urgent, as I’m sure many other church music directors would understand this week.

Many thanks in advance!
Come, Thou Almighty King - test score.dorico (1008.3 KB)

In setup mode, in the right panel select all layouts that you want to see.
for example

Then in layout options select the page template you want to use (default part i guess).
That should do it.

I just remembered that I had been trying to understand saving and restoring default settings. I must have done something wrong.