Master Pages for B4 and A4 in the one project


Can someone please advise about how to handle two different paper sizes I would need to extract from the one project?

Currently, I have all my parts at A4 and have formatted very carefully the look and feel of the title, logo, copyright ect.

But when I go to my setting and select the B4 paper for my Harpist, the format that I carefully organized for the A4 paper size does not translate.

Currently, there is only default in master pages for FULL SCORE and PARTS. Is there a way I could add a new master page set that would accommodate the B4 page custom sizing I require for harp scores and full scores?

Does anyone have some advice as I will be needing to do this for all 7 movements and I want to be sure my workflow is as efficient as possible?
Thank you, anyone, for your insight with this situation.


Yes, you can create Custom Master Pages.

You are probably best advised to Base the page on None and create the frames from scratch, since trying to replicate existing pages and manipulate their elements can actually change the elements on the original master pages.

If your full score is in B4, have you considered assigning your Harp part to the Master Pages created for your Full Score? There ought to be separate Master Page sets for full scores and parts.

Master pages themselves are not tied to any particular page size. It may not even be necessary to adjust your master pages at all, since A4 and B4 are of similar proportions.

The bigger labour will be doing all of the part formatting again for your B4 layouts, having already completed it for the A4 layouts. You could make a whole new set of part layouts, carefully select them in Layout Options and set them to be B4 in the Page Setup page, then use Propagate Part Formatting to copy the part formatting from the existing A4 layout to the new B4 layout, then review each B4 layout to make sure the layout still makes sense.

If you use the same Masters, you’ll need to check that the “Constraints” are set up correctly for each frame in the Masters, to ensure that they move correctly as the page size increases. E.g. a heading text frame is locked to the top and sides, but not to the bottom.

I don’t think Amanda wanted all her parts on B4, just the Harp, which is not to say she could not redefine the size of her current part Layout just for the Harp.

It may be simplest to define a new Master Page Set that contains a Default Page and a First Page, then tell the harp layout (from within Layout Options) to use that new Master Page Set. Possibly easier than trying to come up with a compromise that will scale correctly to both A4 and B4.

That’s what I thought of before Daniel suggested otherwise.

Thank you, everyone, for chiming in. Greatly appreciated.

I did have another solution that I thought might be worth exploring and to keep this as non-labor intensive as possible.

My question is can you scale up the A4 page to be able to print it in a B4 size so that all the constraints will be consistent across all my parts?

I’m not sure I understand the question: you can of course print an A4 page, scaled up to fill a B4 sheet.

That’s not got anything to do with Dorico’s frame constraints, which control how the frame moves (or doesn’t) when the page size is altered in the Layout.