master pages - worksheet issue

Hey Folks,

I am working on an instrument ranges worksheet, and I’m having (unfortunately, the usual) battle with Master Pages.

I have a master page, First1, for the Flute part with all 18 Flows on one page. All the frames are all MA, and they are ordered in ascending Frame order (see screenshots). However, the first frame shows up as Flow7 and the other frames are not in order of the Flows.

I also tried creating a Custom Master Page no based on the defaults, and the results were worse! Complete random appearances of Flows in the frames…

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


I suspect the Flows are actually correct, but the Flow Headings are wrong. Flow Headings display the Project Information for (whatever Dorico thinks is) the nearest flow. It doesn’t take much to confuse this mechanism, obviously…
For safety, I think I’d do the Flow Headings manually: rather than using {@flowTitle@} I think I’d use {@flow1Title@} for the first one, {@flow2Title@} for the second, etc.


@pianoleo, You are right that the Flows are correct but the Flow Headings are being misread somehow. When I do the manual change of the Flow Headings {@Flow1Title@}, the incorrect Flow name shows up! And that title is in fact nowhere, as you can see that my Project Info and Setup mode flows all have the correct titles. (see screenshots)



I’m afraid you’re incorrect. If I look at your “manual entry of flow number” screenshot, I can see that what you’ve got is:
{@flowNumber@} = automatic = flow 7
{@flowComposer@} = automatic = flow 7
{@flow1Title@} = manual = flow 1

If I then cross-reference against your “incorrect name of flow” I can see that that’s producing:
7 = automatic flow number for flow 7
Widor, Charles-Marie = automatic composer for flow 7
Treatise on Instrumentation = manual (correct) title for flow 1.

You’ll need to use manual token references throughout - flow1Number, flow1Composer, flow1Title

Yes, you are right.

Is it a known bug then that the automatic Flow Headings is reading the wrong information?

It’s a known limitation that if you’ve got loads of frames really close together then Dorico sometimes gets confused about which flow to pull token information from. If you bear in mind that the text shown here is probably closer to the flow above than the flow below, it’s not surprising that Dorico’s confused!

I realise this doesn’t explain why the first flow on the page is pulling token information from Flow 7, but I can’t see anything changing any time soon.

The problem still persists with the Flow Number, see screenshot. Of course I can just turn off the Flow numbering, and do it manually. But Master Pages is supposed to avoid all these manual overrides.

They are all music frames though, there are no text frames, and they all have a Frame Order. It must be a bug that the Flow Headings are extracting any information from any other place than the music frame which they are in.

Ah. I hadn’t realised that those were automated flow headings (and thus automated Text Frames - they ARE Text Frames). Turn those off and use manually positioned Text Frames. It really is the only option here.

Thanks for all the feedback pianoleo!

I think I’ll just turn off flow numbers for now.

And yes, I know the flow headings are text frames, I just meant that in the relation to Dorico being confused, I didn’t create any text frames. The bug is coming from the automatically generated text frames.

I’ve just been playing around with it. Very very clearly the automated Flow Headings are not designed with multiple columns in mind. You need to set this up entirely manually. I’m not just talking about turning Flow Numbers off, I’m talking about turning off Flow Headings entirely and drawing your own Text Frames.